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Samsung Galaxy J2 vs Galaxy J1: What has changed?

The Korean giant Samsung is ruling the world when it comes to cellphones. Samsung phones are regarded by most people as reliable and user-friendly. Though Samsung usually targets people ... Continue Reading →

Top 4 Benefits of Video Conferencing for Small Businesses

Video conferencing is an effective way to stay connected with customers, employees and sales prospects. Earlier, the hardware costs of video conferencing was quite expensive but with ... Continue Reading →
Strength of Your Mobile Broadband -mobilelandus

Improving the Signal Strength of Your Mobile Broadband

A sluggish or weak mobile broadband signal can make life on the internet a lot less fun than it should be. If you have ever waited around for an age for a page to open or video to load ... Continue Reading →
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Outlook PST Merge Tool- Combine Multiple PST File into Single PST

Are you handling multiple PST files? Do you find it difficult to handle too many PST files? Have you thought of merging and these files to a single PST? Yes, it is possible! The PST ... Continue Reading →
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MobiKin Doctor for Android: Directly Recover Deleted Contacts from Android Phone

Android phones have now become a part and parcel of our daily routine lives. Although, we use our Android phones for storing most of our important data but contacts is something which ... Continue Reading →

Google’s Android Has Another Attack of Stagefright

The battle against hacking and malware is never ending, and just when you think you’ve closed one vulnerability another crops up to take its place. No doubt that’s what’s ... Continue Reading →

Transfer Android Contacts to Computer with MobiKin Assistant for Android

Android smartphones is something that has become quite common these days. Almost everyone today owns a smartphone and many of us use our smartphones for storing most of our important ... Continue Reading →

Keep Your Pebble Like It’s Brand New

On the average day, your Pebble Watch can take a lot of abuse. Just getting onto the bus on time for work during rush hour can deliver a beating to your smartwatch. Then there’s the ... Continue Reading →
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Vs Galaxy S6 Edge-mobilelandus

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Vs Galaxy S6 Edge

Leading smartphone manufacturer, Samsung has been offering a massive selection of budget as well as high-end devices. The company currently holds a large share in global smartphone ... Continue Reading →

The Future of Play: Are Game Consoles Dead?

What is the future of video gaming?  Three decades ago, during the ascent of consoles, one would think SEGA, NES, and other major brands were here to stay.  But, as time passed, technology ... Continue Reading →