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Android Phone Hacks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone ANDROID 

Android Phone Hacks You Can Do Without Rooting Your Phone

Android phones are cool because of the fact that they can be used to perform a lot of different and unique tasks. Forget, the calling, texting or browsing, there is a lot more that your android phone can do and that too without rooting it! If you are wondering on what exactly is the potential of the small device in your hand, we unleash it for you.

Check out these interesting android phone hacks that will make your smartphone, a more powerful beast.

  1. Install Linux

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Ever knew that you could run a full-fledged OS on your android device?Well, you can! The most popular open-source operating system, Linux can be downloaded to your smartphone will all functionalities intact. Simply install the Debiannoroot app from Play Store and get Linux on your smartphone without any roots.

You can then install and run Linux programs on your smartphone as you do on a computer. Follow the simple steps to successfully install the new OS in your device.

  1. Customize Navigation Keys

navigation keys

You can now customize the navigation keys on the phone to do tasks that you assign. The Home2 Shortcut app lets you do this and there are a number of interesting combinations that you can use for assigning different functionalities.

For example, you can use the home key + back/menu key to add a shortcut function. So every time you make the combination, the assigned shortcut app/program opens up.

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  1. LED Flash as Heart Rate Monitor

instant heart

You heard that right! The LED Flash is not just for clicking pictures under low light conditions. You can use it to check your heart rate as well. Simply install Instant Heart Rate from the Google Play Store and if your phone has LED Flash, then you can check your heart rate with ease.

The concept behind the app is pretty simple. An android phone that comes with an in-built heart monitor uses light to track color changes under skin and determine the amount of blood passing in the body.

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  1. Remote Lock for Phone

android device manager

It is possible to control your android phone even when it is not in your hands. You can lock your phone from afar, change the screen lock and even wipe out all data with the use of a simple app called Android Device Manager.

This app requires administrator access to be able to have full control over your device. Fret not, the administrator access will never be misused in any way. The application is extremely useful in case of a device theft when all data can be wiped without notice by remote control.

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