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AskMe, The All in one Android App! ANDROID 

AskMe, The All in one Android App!

Would you like to search places to visit, options for booking tickets and take hotels to book dining table nearby your locality through your Smartphone? Or would you like to get its recent deals and local company details? Yeah, you can perform all the above stated actions through an All in one application which is AskMe. It’s one of the finest applications with triple functionality feature that would let you do various tasks economically and readily. Let’s discuss about this app in detail by means of this post:

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AskMe App is an one stop destination in India to search for products and services near you. It was established by Getit Infomedia Pvt Ltd in the year 2011 to provide an extensive and accurate directory of information for consumers. It’s possible for you to seize any data linked to travel, instruction, restaurants etc. through their mobile, web and voice service. This app can be used by companies effectively to reach their customers as it is a cost-effective service accessible across various channels.

AskMe App

AskMe App is the ideal app that can deliver all the needful advice fast. You may have this handy app on your own smartphone to keep yourself updated with all the companies offers in your region. If you seek information on your nearby areas like any other offers associated with food, special deals on spas or movies in theatres, you may use AskMe app to get the job done quickly. In simple words, I’d say that it’s a perfect solution for your search problems and caters all your queries as well.

User Interface:

The AskMe App has an user-friendly interface that shows the information that is right boldly. Also, it’s straightforward and mess-free system would let you to feel comfortable while hunting the information

Android smartphones can run this app as its merely uses mobile data or Wi-Fi and GPS. There is a minimum use of resources which is the finest aspect of this application and you could manage to do the tasks of three applications with it.

  • You could hunt the companies that are nearby with their in-depth data and get fantastic offers provided by them.
  • With this application, you would manage to see the latest classifieds on cellular telephones, autos, real estate etc.
  • You would be able to read reviews of the companies in your area and it is likely to add hints & your view to your desired companies.
  • If you want, you can make your own listings of your preferred local businesses and share their trading details through email, Facebook and Twitter with your friends and family.
  • Not only to get comprehensive company details, you may also call the users instantly from this program.
  • If you make a local search on something, you can create a simultaneous search on “free ads” and “deals” in your zone without going back to the homepage.


Achieve Outstanding Support

If you do not locate the information what you were searching for, you can register your address and contact no and so that the AskMe team will return to you with relevant results or else, you may contact them directly through the no. 4444 4444 44 to clear your queries.

You may download AskMe App for free from Google Play store and it’s compatible with Android devices after version 2.2.


I am bound to say that it is an exceptional program to seek the required search results around your area and would be adored by the folks in upcoming days. It truly is a lightweight app that gives accurate results rapidly and loads lot of features to make the search process simple. Not only to get the list of locations to shop or eat, this active app lets you catch the deals forthwith and gain reduction coupons codes reached to your smartphone. I don’t believe that you will ever get an easier and convenient application than AskMe app to roll up your entire data that is local , so what you all guys say about it?

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