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Lenovo K4 Note: What To Expect? ANDROID Mobile 

Lenovo K4 Note: What To Expect?

After selling more than 5 lakh units of K3 Note, renowned smartphone manufacturer Lenovo plans on unleashing its successor K4 Notein the Indian market. The stage is set for the India launch of K4 Note, and we all are expecting the company to flaunt some big features on January 5th. Lenovo has already touted a lot about its“Killer” Note, but the best part of all this is, the company has incorporated top-tier specs at the same price bracket, or at least something very close to it.That’s exactly what smartphone buyers wanted!

Therefore, considering the official announcements and follow-up rumours, we can expect a lot from the highly anticipated K4 Note. Just like its famous sibling, the new Notephablet will also mark its sway in the mid-range segment with some mind-boggling features. Though the full spec-sheet is not revealed, the device will include the following capabilities.

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Lenovo K4 Note-mobilelandus

  1. An all metal built

With less than a week left for the official launch of Killer Note 2016, Lenovo is taking social media to create a big buzz across the web. The teasers from the company have raised our expectations to a whole new level. The first K4 Note teaser revealed the look of an all-metal smartphone with the same form-factor of K3 Note.Though there is no confirmation about the look of the device, most us would love to have an all metal built in the new K4 Note.A good look and a sturdy feel was something that went missing in K3 Note. The predecessor of the handset launched earlier in July, and featured a standard polycarbonate shell in came three colour options, White Black and Yellow. It currently available for 10k.

  1. Anecstatic visual experience

According rumours and leaks, Lenovo K4 Note will not bring a major upgrade in the display hardware. K3 Note already sports one of the displays, which would probably roll down to the K4 Note as well. The latest teaser from Lenovo highlights the display efficiency of K4 Note, but most probably, it will be the same 5.5-inch full HD IPS panel with 401 pixels per inch. The only thing possible here is the introduction advanced display technologies for bringing further improvements in the entire visual experience!

  1. Top-tier hardware with 3GB of RAM

After Intex and Micromax, Lenovo has also given a push on the hardware front. The new K4 Note from the company will feature top-tier hardware with a whopping 3GB of RAM. The company proudly announced this upgrade on Twitter by saying, “More than 99% of you preferred, 3 GB of RAM in the #KillerNote2016 & that’s what you’ll get! Get ready for the RAMpage!”.

Since Lenovo did not announce anything for the chipset, it’s likely to be a standard MediaTek SoC with eight cores and 64-bit capabilities. Its performance, however, will be a lot better than other standard Snapdragon SoC rolling in the market. Till date, only a few players have managed to take on the performance of K3 Note, and most probably, the same will go for the Killer Note 2016 as well!

  1. Camera

The camera specifications of Lenovo K4 Note are likely to remain unchanged. The metal-cladded beauty will probably incorporate the same 13-megapixel rear autofocus snapper and 5-megapixel front-facing shooter. It will deliver a slick photography experience with Lenovo’s intuitive camera app, and will give you picture-perfect shots in all environments. Though, when to compared to K3 Note, the lowlight performance of the new beast might just look a little better with reduced noise and well-balanced colours.

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  1. Better Connectivity Options

Along with improved hardware, Lenovo K4 Note will bring improved connectivity options as well. The company announced the“Killer Note 2016” will bear a fingerprint sensor and an inbuilt NFC chip.It will join the elite group of smartphones bearing the advanced option of biometric security, and will be one of the first smartphones in the budget segment to include both fingerprint scanning technology and NFC.

Other connectivity elements on K4 Note will remain unchanged and are likely to be, 3G HSPA+, 4G LTE, GPS/A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, and micro-USB 2.0.

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  1. Storage

On the storage front, the upcoming K4 Note will probably feature the same 16GB of inbuilt storage with an additional option for expandability via microSD card. There is no official word for the increase of internal memory, but 16 gigs with expandability up to 32GB will certainly give enough room to the users for seamless work and play!

  1. Battery

In terms of power efficiency, the successor of K3 Note will deliver top-of-the line performance. The new phone from the company is expected to bring a slightly bigger battery, with quick charge capabilities.This will not be a major upgrade over K3 Note and can be something around 3300 mAh. So, if you’re planning to buy a phone with sufficient power support, better wait it out for Lenovo K4 Note.

  1. Price

As mentioned before, Lenovo K4 Note is likely to feature the same or a very close price tag. Priced at INR 10,000, the K3 Note has retained the same price tag all these months. It was the perfect fit for the budget segment. So, considering the major upgrades of RAM and connectivity, we can expect a price tag around 11 or may be 12k for it’s the successor the K4 Note.

  1. Bottom Line

So, this is what we can expect from the upcoming and the highly anticipated Lenovo K4 Note. The launch date January 5th is inching closer, and most probably, Lenovo will release few more teasers by that time. The K4 Note is expected to be one of the biggest hits of the year 2016. Lenovo is already a tough competitor for players like Micromax and Xiaomi, and a few more smartphones like the K4 Note can certainly make the Chinese tech-giant the largest smartphone vendor in the Indian market.

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