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Sony Xperia Z2 vs Galaxy S5 : Comparison between Next Gen Phones ANDROID CONCEPT PHONES 

Sony Xperia Z2 vs Galaxy S5 : Comparison between Next Gen Phones

The smartphone market is hotter than ever and it’s raining flagship devices in this season. Samsung recently launched their new flagship device called the Galaxy S5. It has got the typical family design but packs in a lot more than what we have seen on the previous Samsung devices. On the other hand, Sony has come up with their latest flagship devices called the Xperia Z2 which will succeed the recently launched Xperia Z1. While the Z1 was launched only a while back and an upgrade wasn’t necessary, they have decided to keep up with the rivals and give it a mild upgrade. Both the devices here offer some features that are unique to them and their family. This is a close battle and it would be hard to decide which one of them is a better device. We take a closer look to find out.

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Sony Xperia Z2

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The Xperia Z1 is a great looking device and the Xperia Z2 is built around its lines only. The display is slightly larger and they have increased the length to house the larger display. They have reduced the thickness of the device from 8.5 mm on Z1 to 8.2 mm. It has a similar aluminium band around it which makes it look elegant and gives it a premium feel. The front of the device has got two speakers which give you a nice stereo effect when you watch videos in landscape. Front and back of the device are dominated with glass which looks and feels quite good.

You look at the Samsung and it looks quite ordinary. It looks very much similar to the Galaxy S4, just a bit sharper (or less rounded) around the edges. They have also increased the display size a bit but the dimensions have gone up considerably for this small change. The back is slightly different from other Samsung devices. It has got a soft rubberised back which has got a faint pattern on it. This helps a bit with device handling. The back can be scratched easily but then it is removable and you can find a replacement easily with 91 mobiles.

Both the devices are waterproof and dustproof. The Z2 has got a unibody design and that is good in this case because waterproof devices with a removable back panel are a bit risky. Just make sure that the back panel is properly secured in place before you take it into the shower in case you get the Samsung.

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This is Samsung’s turf and it is hard for anyone to beat them here. The Xperia Z2 has got a full HD 5.2 inch display which is quite impressive. The pixel density has gone down a bit from the Xperia Z1 but you shouldn’t be bothered as it is still pretty good. The display uses Sony’s Triluminous tech which makes use of ‘quantum dots’ to reproduce colours better than other LCD displays. The results are visible but the gamma is not very good at all times. You lose certain details because the highlights are bright. The brightness is good for comfortable outdoor usage.

Look at the display on Samsung S5 and it will feel like an upgrade. It has got an AMOLED display that measures 5.1 inches and has got a full HD resolution. It was rumoured that it would come with even higher resolution but that would have been unnecessary and would have taken its toll on the battery. The display is crisp with good colour saturated and sunlight visibility. The blacks are the darkest that you can possibly have giving it excellent contrast ratio.


The Xperia Z1 is powered by an insanely powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset. The Xperia Z2 runs on a Snapdragon 801. The differences in specifications are just as minute as the difference in number. The processor can run at a slightly higher clock speed and same is the case with GPU. Both the devices run on the same chipset and while the quad core Krait 400 processor on the S5 runs at a maximum clock speed of 2.5 GHz, it runs at a slightly lower 2.3 GHz in the Z2.

The Xperia Z2 has got more RAM, 3 GB against the 2 GB on Galaxy S5 but it might not reflect anywhere except for benchmark scores. Both the devices offer almost similar connectivity options that you see on most flagship devices. The Samsung comes with some extra hardware here. You get a fingerprint scanner that allows you to unlock your device with your fingerprint and then there is a heart rate monitor near the rear camera that can monitor your pulse and use the information in various fitness apps.


Both the devices come with impressive cameras. The Samsung S5 has got a 16 megapixel camera that gives some really impressive results. Also the camera is very quick to focus on the subject. The Z2 however has got a slightly better camera. It has a resolution of 20.7 megapixels and the sensor is quite large for a mobile device. It comes with Sony’s Exmor chip and this camera can better some low end point and shoot cameras. Both the devices can record 4K videos at 30 fps. You can also record 60 fps full HD videos or 120 fps semi HD videos.

Not only the camera hardware on Sony is a bit better but it has got a better camera interface too. Apart from the software features that you find on the Sony interface, you get background defocus tool which allows you to blur the background giving a good effect of depth of field. This feature is also available for other Sony devices via the Google play store.


As we said earlier, this is a close battle and it would be hard to decide a clear winner. The Samsung has got better hardware, features and display but the Sony comes with a better design, good software and better camera. While we are biased towards Sony, we would recommend it if you looking for a device with great camera. If this is not the case, you should be looking at the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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