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Spotlight on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge ANDROID 

Spotlight on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Finally the Samsung galaxy note edge is here and all android fans, gamers, techies, and high end phablet consumers can prepare for the release cocksure of what to expect. The phablet was announced a few days ago bringing all the anticipation to a fever pitch. Now everyone waits for the release fully cognizant of what to expect from smartphones.

The Note promises to bring the much needed change in the design, specs and functionality of tablets and phablets which seemed to have become kind of stagnant in recent years. In this article we are going to look at some of the features to look forward to in the Note 4 when it is released later on during the same quarter.



The Curved Screen

The bezel-less display is futuristic and gives you more display space and options. The curved edges of the screen act as an independent screen which gives you access to a lot of information items and also allow you more room and options to manoeuvre. It also acts as an app tray.

Various apps and tools take advantage of this secondary screen to display their toolbars and other options which reduces crowding of your screen.

Developers’ Paradise

The Note Edge is a developers’ paradise as the Korean Electronics giant has created a software development kit that is specifically designed for the Note Edge panel. This means that a good portion of its fortunes lie in the hands of developers and judging from previous experiences the developers always live up to expectations.

Still Stylus Friendly

The Note Edge still allows you to use your S Pen Stylus pen even for the rearrangement of the second screen. Precision is still of paramount importance in the design of the phablet.

Cool Alarm

When you set your alarm in the evening you can now periodically check the time without having to raise your phone and activating the display. The time is displayed on the curved second screen which remains visible even when you are sleeping. This way you get to rest comfortably and save you energy as well as battery power on your Note.

The release is around the corner and the price is expected to be a bit on the high end if the story of the Note 3 is anything to go by. It will be available online and in mobile dealer shops near you.

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