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Top 10 Android Apps that iPhone Can’t Have ANDROID APPS iPHONE 

Top 10 Android Apps that iPhone Can’t Have

It’s no secret, Android and iPhone apps get maximum download. But Android’s open-source nature provides us with some great apps and features that you won’t be able to find on the Apple’s iTunes store.

If you want to make your iPhone-weilding acquaintances envious, then below is a list if top 10 Android Apps that iPhone can’t have.

1. Flash


Often when accessing some websites on the web, you’ll be asked to download flash software. In case, you rely on accessing fully-flash websites, or loves playing flash-based games and videos, then downloading Flash Android app on your phone will enable you to access any flash-based site or game while you’re on the move.

2. Aviate


We’ll normally ponder upon which app we should download to meliorate our Android’s phone usage. There are plenty of apps that you’ll download, which can later makes it confusing for you to choose the right app when you need it the most. This is where Aviate comes to your rescue. This app’s goal is to provide you with the app that you covet to use. Downloading this app will replace your simple homescreen with a smarter Aviate homescreen, which will help present you with the desired information at the right moment.

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3. ES File Explorer


Do you wish to have control over your Android device like you have on PC? Then, ES File Explorer fits your bill. This Android app help you manage your files, kill inoperative tasks and even help upload your files and folders on your choice of cloud server. In addition, you’ll find an FTP client as well as LAN Samba client along with this app, allowing users to access files on their phones from their computer systems.

4. Event Flow Calendar Widget

Event Flow Calendar Widget-mobilelandus

Have you been busy running a business? Well, you’ll surely be required to attend a lot of meetings or discussion sessions with your peers and business partners. It’s possible that you may miss out some appointment, which may result in missing out some potential business opportunities. To avoid such unfortunate event from happening you can go for Event Flow Calendar Widget. This app is a viable option for people who often remain busy due to their packed appointments. The app won’t let you miss your planned appointment. Once you’ll download the app, immediately after turning on your phone’s display, you’ll be presented with an organized list of all your upcoming appointments.

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5. Swype


If you don’t like the iPhone’s native keyboard, unfortunately, there’s nothing much you can do. Android outshines iPhone when it comes to providing alternate keyboard feature. Android’s Swype app provide Android users with a better and much faster keyboard experience. The best aspect about using this app is that it gets more smarter the more it is being utilized.

6. Focus Lock


If you’re tired of the distractions appearing on your handset, then focus lock is an amazing app designed by leading Android App Development Companies that helps to lock out certain programs on your handset, and thereby avoid getting annoying notifications. However, it won;t stop you from sending messages and making calls.

7. Glove


Moving to a new city can be troublesome, especially if you can’t find a network that fits. But you mustn’t fret! Glove is a wonderful app that help you find out a wireless carrier when you’re visiting some new city. This app takes three days to help you find the best network for your phone, which offers you an excellent coverage plan.

8. Link Bubble

link bubble-mobilelandus

Say you located some really interesting link on the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Most likely, without much ado you’ll click on the links – which may make you wait for the links, to load in your web browser. Thanks to Link Bubble app now you can load the links in the background, and at the same time continue to browse other social sites over the web. Your chosen links will appear in the form of bubbles on your screen’s side, and once they get loaded you’ll be notified.

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9. DU Battery Saver

du battery saver-mobilelandus

If you want to keep your phone’s battery healthy, then DU Batter Saver best suit your needs. This app help increases up to 50% of your handset’s battery life. What’s the best part? It will let you figure out quickly the applications present in your phone that are draining it’s power. A lot of iPhone’s battery related apps don’t possess such smart capabilities.

10. Puzzle Alarm Clock


Do you find it hard to get up early? You can opt for Puzzle Alarm Clock. The interesting thing about this app is that it will provide 4 distinct type of puzzles. In order to turn off the alarm from ringing, you’ll have to solve the puzzles.

To conclude, simply Hire Android Programmers service, if you’re an Android fan and are searching for some apps that you can’t locate on the iPhone’s powered devices, then I’ll recommend you to read the aforementioned list of top 10 Android apps that iPhone device users can’t relish!

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