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4 Steps to Developing a New App APPS SOFTWARE 

4 Steps to Developing a New App

There are lots of amazing ideas out there brilliant new apps. And with a clear goal, testing and promotion, a good idea can become a successful new application. Here are four basic steps for walking through app development.

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1. What Is the Goal?

Ideas are fantastic. And that how you decide to try building an app in the first place. But goals are much better for determining the end point and mapping out steps to reach it. Brainstorming will help find a clear vision. And with a clear goal, it will become much simply to identify and outline the problems and solutions of the entire process.

2. Native of Hybrid?

One of the initial big questions you will face during development is choosing between a native app or hybrid platform. A native app is downloaded onto the device and lives there independent of an Internet connection. It can take the best advantage of phone features such as camera, GPS location, contacts and more.

A hybrid app, on the other hand, is an app design method that combines native features with a web app. So it does rely in Internet but has some independent aspects and proves much cheaper in development.

The decision will really be based on a good understanding of the application that is being created. Questions to ask when determining include:

Will it need to use native capabilities in the phone?

How many different devices will need to be supported?

How complex will the user interface be?

What is the probability that the app will be extended in the future?

Of course the other option is a completely web based app. Usually, this is simply an extension of the website which is made with responsive design. Responsive design is imperative for smartphones because the small screen makes it difficult to navigate traditional web pages.

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Steps to Developing a New App-mobilelandus

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3. Testing and More Testing

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of app development is testing. However, this is one of the most critical steps for a successful product. Users are “highly sensitive to any issues with performance.” Actually, 61 percent of users will turn to a competitor app after a poor app experience. Thus, testing is a vital step to remove bugs and glitches from the finished application.

4. Measuring Success

Once the glitches are worked out and the app is submitted to the App Store, it is time to promote, promote, promote. Cross-channel advertising across social media is an essential part of achieving app success. Market the app on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and mobile blogs to let people know about your new app. Promotion helps a new app stand out amongst the crowd.

According o Distimo, apps can measure their success by the number of downloads per day. For paid apps, the application must be downloaded more than 4,000 times per day to appear on the top 10 list. Free apps have a much rockier road. In order for a free app to appear on the top list, it needs to pass 72,000 downloads per day.

With the right steps, development can result in a successful application ready to take on the world.

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