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Mozilla Firefox- free download for PC BROWSER 

Mozilla Firefox- free download for PC

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers in the world that provides a fast, safe and comfortable surfing the Internet. It is flexible in configuration and contains a huge selection of plug extensions.

Multi-million dollar fan browser Mozilla Firefox confidently breathes in the head rival firm called “Google Chrome”. The reasons why people tend to download Mozilla Firefox, lie on the surface – a focus on enhanced protection against malicious websites, high-speed operation with dozens of tabs open, and the introduction of innovative technologies such as web-sockets, web-graphics consoles or the next generation.


Chrome, in this browser the things go wrong and mistake – this is the conclusion of independent experts from the California-based company to develop applications. And developers’ Fire fox “offer users to feel instant page loading and accelerated graphics rendering. Options such as “Private Browsing”, “Parental Control”, “Connection security with the website,” according to the authors of the program, should help to make downloading a free browser “muff” was interesting and responsible business users.

With all it has different user-friendly interface and can be synchronized with the version installed on your mobile device.

Advantages of Firefox:

Fast loading websites and web-based applications;
Secure containment;
Flexibility: available on hundreds of plug-ins;
Introduced innovative technologies.

Mozilla Firefox is surely gaining a place on the increasing number of computers. According to statistics, today the “Firefox” occupies about one-fourth share of the global browser market, that you will agree, is not so little. Safety, flexible configuration and expansion possibilities are limitless functionality Mozilla Firefox due to thousands of add-ons browser earned millions of fans. Today we “dig” in the guts of Mozilla Firefox and get acquainted with some additions to it.


Address Line Mozilla Firefox from version to version becoming more “intelligent”, when typing a word or phrase appears in the address bar drop-down list with the most suitable sites from your browsing history, as well as the resources that have been added to your bookmarks or marked labels.


Like any modern browser, Mozilla Firefox displays open websites in tabs. They can be dragged in places, but if you accidentally close the desired site immediately correct this unfortunate misunderstanding, restoring closed tab. Open any tab in the new window as well, simply “catch” it with the mouse and “steal” from their homes outside of the browser window. When opening several dozen tabs to navigate in them will help a little button “List all tabs”, clicking on which you will not only see all open in the current window Mozilla Firefox tabs, but can quickly go to any of them.

In Mozilla Firefox has a pretty handy feature restore the previous session when you start the browser, which will not lose site if you accidentally close Mozilla Firefox. You can use it, open the menu “Tools” – “Settings” and selecting the “Basic” – “When you start Firefox:» select “Show windows and tabs from last time”.

Currently for Mozilla Firefox created over 6000 different supplements, covering a variety of tasks and designed for ordinary users and programmers.

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