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Mozilla Firefox- free download for PC BROWSER 

Mozilla Firefox- free download for PC

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers in the world that provides a fast, safe and comfortable surfing the Internet. It is flexible in configuration and contains a huge selection of plug extensions. Multi-million dollar fan browser Mozilla Firefox confidently breathes in the head rival firm called “Google Chrome”. The reasons why people tend to download Mozilla Firefox, lie on the surface – a focus on enhanced protection against malicious websites, high-speed operation with dozens of tabs open, and the introduction of innovative technologies such as web-sockets, web-graphics…

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Have You Heard The Uproar About Mobile Browser Death? BROWSER 

Have You Heard The Uproar About Mobile Browser Death?

It’s on Twitter; it’s on Google Plus, it’s everywhere on the Web now. The freaky story of the death of mobile browsers has left all smartphone users agape with surprise. Actually, according to a tweet by the reputable mobile analytics company Flurry, people spend 86% of their time on apps. On comparison only 14% of the time is spent on mobile browser, which was 20% the previous year against 80% of mobile app usages. Tweet from Flurry is the reason for so many hullabaloos about the dying mobile browser. However,…

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