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Galaxy Note 6 is rumored to release on August – Do you think so? CONCEPT PHONES 

Galaxy Note 6 is rumored to release on August – Do you think so?

Thankfully, this madness usually now be behind Samsung. The company is making BIG plans into the future of its Note line along with the return in the Galaxy Note 6 on the UK in 2016 we couldn’t be happier. The Note is ALWAYS a most looked-forward-to release.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 never made it to Europe, on the disappointment of countless, as being the company decides to launch the S6 edge+ in the area. This year, however, the Galaxy S8 edge plus already comes with a large 5.5-inch display, which means Samsung may well not release an S7 edge+ version also. This, therefore, signifies the Galaxy Note 6 could reach European markets.

The latest leak in connection with Galaxy Note 6 suggests it is going to feature… watch for it – 6GB of RAM. That’s right, your next iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy Note line will feature 2GB over its predecessor, indicating Samsung has some pretty big plans for that device — is the rumored docking station (see below for details) be about the cards?

Again, just by the new features found around the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, the Galaxy Note 6 also need to come with some good improvements. Samsung’s next-generation flagship phablet could borrow some features from your S7 line and include a water-resistant body, expandable storage and wireless charging one of the highlights.

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Still, the business does have the symptoms of some very worthwhile plans for future Galaxy Note 6 devices. And we usually do not see Samsung making exactly the same mistake again in 2016. For instance, the Galaxy S7 will probably be waterproof and have microSD-support — two features A LOT of people requested.

Samsung’s design illustrates a sizable phablet-like phone having a laptop dock, as you can see in the image, the unit slots to a port between your keyboard and also the laptop display. It also clearly shows that this dock only contains connectors, keyboard, along with the display (and likely a greater battery cell, though this isn’t listed) – yet again it is the product that contains every one of the storage, processor, and software. It appears the unit would be a touchpad for that laptop when docked.

While the Galaxy Note series is definitely powerful enough to be considered, like many Smartphone, a miniature computer in its own right, the patent signifies that a future version may have enough clout and storage to be the proper computer with this dual-role. It’s something of any logical extension with the Note series which is focused on productivity tasks and desktop-like multitasking features. The main questions remaining target software.

While the megapixel rating on the Galaxy S7 was downgraded to 12-megapixels, some reports have suggested that it will not necessarily be repeated while using Galaxy Note 6 specs. If Samsung can deliver a camera with both outstanding shooting potential in darker conditions, along with an impressive megapixel number, this will surely be a massive boost to the premium phablet.

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