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Brief Intro And Updates For Google Nexus 6 Smartphone CONCEPT PHONES GADGETS 

Brief Intro And Updates For Google Nexus 6 Smartphone

The story of Nexus series began with HTC Nexus released in January, 2010 took after by Samsung Nexus S in December, 2010. After one year in November, Samsung Galaxy Nexus launched in the business. In 2012, LG Nexus 4 secured the business sector threatening the various brands. Nexus 4 softened all the records up deals and execution. At that point Google uncovered LG Nexus 5 on 31st October, 2013 and it is offering in business as hot cakes as best thing to get. When we experience it, we discovered some real issues as far as battery execution if contrasted with Nexus 4. In the event that you would have using this gadget then you can remark on the execution of Google Nexus 5. Google has recently announced latest Android Kitkat upgrade to nexus 5 users.


Nexus made it fans everywhere around the globe at the start of its release, furthermore it needn’t bother with any suggestion or data to be spread. The escape clause which we said could be the motivation behind why Google is willing to launch Google Nexus 6.

Launch schedule of nexus series

  • HTC Nexus One (Nexus 1) : Jan 2010
  • Samsung nexus (Nexus 2) : Dec 2010
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Nexus 3) : Nov 2011
  • LG Nexus 4 : Nov 2012
  • LG Nexus 5 : Nov 2013
  • Google nexus 6 : August 2014

Release Date:

There is likewise a great possibility that this gadget might be seen in the 3rd quarter of 2014. It can undoubtedly be judged by the developing need and interest of cell phones in the business. Peoples are moving from laptops to the home era gadgets which are tablets and cell phones. New Nexus gadget will again be a low cost gadget to get as good fortune.


Features within Gadget:

All the desires of mobile user can’t be finished by a solitary organization yet they generally attempt their best to make a gadget which is best suited for the users. Engineering Geeks can expect top of the line specs from a cell phones yet it can’t be conceivable. It is accounted for that Nexus 6 will be available with 3 GB of RAM yet some different sites are asserting that it will offer 6 GB RAM. Here is a brief specs of the gadget based on the various leaks available on the internet as well as from the information that is officially announced.

  • 3100 mAh battery
  • Lots of Sensors
  • Two variants featuring 32 GB and 64 GB internal memory
  • 5 inches 2K UHD display
  • 3 GB RAM
  • Octa Core processor, 2.5 GHz
  • Security Sensors

Have you recently notice that Google release their gadget at the end of the year? It might be a business sector technique to make it the most offering gadget over the globe. It takes all the conceivable innovation and clubs it together to change over it into a monster gadget. Individuals likewise spare their cash from the beginning of the year and when in the mid of the year Google declared the dispatch of their gadget; they think to hold up for some more of a chance to get the best gadget of the business.

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