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Keep Your Pebble Like It’s Brand New GADGETS 

Keep Your Pebble Like It’s Brand New

On the average day, your Pebble Watch can take a lot of abuse. Just getting onto the bus on time for work during rush hour can deliver a beating to your smartwatch. Then there’s the rest of your day that puts your Pebble at risk of becoming damaged in some way. When you rely on your smartwatch to keep you informed, in the loop, and on top of your activity, you can’t afford to ruin your new Pebble by leaving it defenceless.

Despite the processing powers that it houses, the Pebble Watch is not very big. Measured in mere millimetres, it’s not much larger than an old-fashioned analogue watch. Smartwatch users don’t want to sacrifice the Pebble’s sleek profile by adding a bulky case. This isn’t a calculator watch from the 80s, after all. Your Pebble is one of the most advanced pieces of wearable technology available on the market, so you need protection that befits its slim size better than a one-size-doesn’t-really-fit-all case.


Unlike other options, a vinyl skin is truly one-size-fits-yours. When made out of genuine 3M vinyl, designers can precision cut the vinyl to the exact dimensions of your Pebble Watch – buttons included! That means when you apply the vinyl to the skin, you won’t be adding dimension to your wrist. Barely a millimetre itself, the skin will hug your Pebble Watch without leaving unsightly and frustrating overhanging pieces.

Your Pebble isn’t just wearable technology. It’s wearable tech that you slap around your wrist every day. People will see it at work, at dinner, or out on a date. While the watch is impressive in and of itself, seeing the same black, white, or red watch face can be boring after 3 straight months. More importantly, the stock colour you chose won’t go with every one of your outfits. While the fashion faux-pas will be dulled by the fact that you can check your texts, emails, and phone calls by a tilt of your wrist, it doesn’t necessarily make for a good first impression. You want your personality to catch your date’s attention, not how gauche your watch looks against your sleeve.

That’s the second advantage of choosing a vinyl skin for your smartwatch. The 3M vinyl is incredibly versatile when it’s made by the right craftspeople, so you can find a Pebble Watch skin in a colour or texture that speaks to you and your wardrobe. Whether your style is more hipster chic or ultra-modern, there’s a skin that will complement your fashion choices. The latest collection of Pebble smartwatch skins include polished mahogany or white leather (just to name a few) so yours can fit any outfit. And because the vinyl is as easy to peel off as it is to apply, you can switch between yours skins when you’re expected at an important dinner after work.

A little research will go a long way to the protection of your Pebble. Find the right skin for your smartwatch, and you’ll never have to worry about the piece of tech at your wrist. From the packed bus to work to social engagements, a Pebble Watch skin will keep your smartwatch free from damage.

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