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Top Blogging Apps for Android and iOS

Till the time Google lays emphasis on updated and frequently refreshed content, blogging will continue to grow as one of the most important internet marketing tools. Anyone, whose web establishment is in dire need of traffic, knows the significance of blogging. Not only from a business stand point, blogging is vital from a knowledge stance too. It is notable that blogging is important from both business and individual point of view.

Ever since the digital transformation took place, there has been a dramatic change in the ways people interact over internet. Gone are the days when public computer booths were prevalent everywhere and were supposedly the only medium of accessing and operating blogs. The world has switched to mobility now. Smartphones and tablets today are the face of technological revolution. Keeping abreast of everything going on over internet is merely a piece of cake while on the go.

As it turns out, blogging too has evolved over years. The advent of various blogging applications available for different platforms has virtually revolutionized every sphere of blogging world. These applications have imparted people ability to post new blogs or respond to a blog query at their convenience.  Summed up below are some of the top blogging apps for android and iOS that have been effectively used by bloggers from around the world.


Popular Blogging Apps for Android and iOS platforms


Leading the clan is WordPress that is among world’s top blogging apps. It encompasses virtually every blogging tool and provides people with tons of utility features including uploading videos and pictures, moderating comments, creating and editing posts and keeping track of your website statistics. Owing to an immaculate flexibility this blogging application provides, it is available for both android and iOS platforms. WordPress also provides for various types of web hosting platform for effective blogging, which include free, self and paid hosting.



Tumbler is ideally suited for people who are more into making their blog visually more appealing. You can share photos and videos on tumbler with shorter posts to create an inviting effect. You can edit your post and make it more engaging by including pictures or videos and upload it right from your smartphone.


If you have a blog of your own or planning to create one, you should definitely give this application a try. It packs along an incredible functionality and is just perfect for your day to day blogging requirements. It has an easy interface and the navigation is quite smooth. This blogging application is a must have, if you are a start-up blogger.

Squarespace Blog

Slowly climbing its way through the success ladder is the new kid on the block, Squarespace Blog. Packed with a seamless functionality, this blogging application offers user a never before experience. You can create elegantly crafted websites, access this blog from multiple accounts, create or edit posts and build up links, all of this while on the go.


Blogsy, here takes things a little off the track. It gives user an opportunity to access a wide variety of blogging accounts from a single application.  Not only you get to access all the blogging accounts, but you can even build links, create posts or share photos and videos. You can publish your posts right from your smartphone using this application. Through its immaculate functionality, it has cemented its spot among top blogging apps for android and iOS

Blogging can be a tedious process after-all. You need flexibility to run a smooth blog. All the above mentioned blogging applications impart you an edge while blogging. They tend to enhance your agility over the internet and assist in keeping a pace with the changing trends in blogging.

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