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8 Tools That Can Help Creating Infographics Online INFOGRAPHICS REVIEWS 

8 Tools That Can Help Creating Infographics Online

Infographics have taken the market by a storm and has become the most popular way of providing knowledge and information to the audience in a fun way. By definition, Infographics are information that are provided using visuals. This process helps in breaking down complex information and gives it out to the audience in a way that it is easy to understand and absorb. Business can also benefit from Infographics as they come in handy for marketing, client presentation and many more fields that may require easy passage of information. The following are some great tools that are available for creating amazing infographics without any need of design and art background.

infographic tools-mobilelandus is undoubtedly one of the most widely used infographic creation tools available online. Its interface is quite simple and to begin creating your own infographic it just requires you to sign up. It has a few varieties of templates that are available for free but can also be used to create infographics right from the scratch. One can even import CSV or XLS file for data input to simplify the process. There is also an option of built-in sharing and embedding so that the infographic can be sent to the desired place right away. It also includes pictures and text along with provision for videos and maps. If you need customized infographics then you must contact to Oye Trade, having a team of Graphics experts.


Piktochart consists of 7 templates that are available for free. Each template is fully customizable right from the provision to change the colors, fonts, icons and charts on it. There is even provision to add more fields at the bottom of the template in case there is additional space requirement. Vice versa you can also remove fields from the template if you do not require them for your infographic. is basically an online network that consists of top designers, illustrators and other such artistic professionals who have the ability to turn any amount of data into a visual representation. This platform is not just about providing free templates but also a place to look for individuals who can help you sort your data and convert it into a brilliant infographic, presentation, video or interactive design.


Venngage is supposedly the most powerful and creating web application that helps you create infographics and thorough analytic reports. Venngage can be used for free for accessing the simple features and can be upgraded to a premium account for utilizing its full capability. A free trial is also provided to understand how powerful it is and how it works. A paid-account comes for $19 per month and gives access to many features along with no restrictions in the number of infographics generated via your account. is free for use and only needs a sign-up to get you started. It has themes that can be selected and edited in terms of adding text, images, shapes and choosing different background colors. If you don’t want to use any kind of theme you have the provision to start a black space and create completely personalized infographic that is unique and your own. doesn’t have many features and options but for a free tool it gives food results and is quite easy to use.


Creately is a tool that provides the facility to create infographics, diagrams, charts, etc. The options and features it provides are unique and aren’t available in any other online infographic creating tool. If there is a need to create an infographic that features a lot of statistics and diagrams then Creately is the best tool. The free version lets you create 5 visuals and can be increased by availing the benefits of a paid plan which is available at a cost of 5 USD per month.

Many Eyes

Many Eyes is created by IBM and has a set of pre-determined visualization options that are designed on the basis of the data that is fed to it from your end. These visualizations come in a wide variety of range including pie charts, tag clouds, word trees, maps, word generators, etc. The designs are quite sleek and simple with the ability to handle large data amount for no charge at all.


InfoActive is a tool that is meant to work efficiently on live data. This means it can help you create infographics that will keep on getting updated and is available to the customers to interact with. It has the convenience of using drag and drop method with which you can add text, charts and filters for aligning and editing them. This tool is currently in its beta stage and circulated privately so you can visit the site and sign-up in the waiting list.

Creating a great infographics is a time consuming process but is quite necessary in today’s age of visual medium. Just ensure that you have the right amount of data with you and the determination to create an awe inspiring infographics with these easy to use tools.

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