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What to Choose an iPhone or a Blackberry? iPHONE 

What to Choose an iPhone or a Blackberry?

Various comparisons of two devices have been found by me on the internet but none explains the pain of switching from a phone to another and none explains their advantages and disadvantages. Those having a BlackBerry and thinking of changing over to iPhone should read this article from the point of view of a layman.

After receiving new iPhone two full days would be spent on conversion from Blackberry. First action was to transfer all contacts to new phone. The contacts from previous phone are on SIM card but new contacts that are inputted on the BlackBerry will get stored on phone and not SIM card. “Mass copy” function is not there on BlackBerry.

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Biggest shock has been management of emails. In BlacBerry all the email accounts are managed under single box and new emails keep forming in a line and are ready for reading. You can reply from different email account also. But all accounts are managed separately in iPhone but there is summary screen which informs you about accounts having new messages. You have to go to each account for reading the message, return to summary screen and go to other account. All the messages cannot be managed together.

Worse than this, immediately on your activating “SSL”, four letter password has to be entered every time you wish to look at the phone and you to connect to Microsoft Exchange server. This implies that for every little function you have to enter passcode.  This can be frustrating. Flipkart mobiles couponscan be used for getting good discounts while purchasing a Blackberry.

iPhone functions by having single home button that takes you to home screen from where you may dip into contacts, emails, calendars etc. But there is no back key that we are so used to. Thus if you are at one function say email and you want to look at calendars, you will have to keep moving in and out of home screen to go anywhere.

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iphone beats blackberry-mobilelandus

On introduction of mobile phones, these had to be charged every day or every twelve hours. Now battery life extends to a week with restricted use or few days with extended use. iPhone battery needs to be recharged frequently which involves taking adaptor, wire, plug etc wherever you go.

Positive side of iPhone is that it is an entertainment device rather than phone. Now phone can be used instead of my ipad. At push of button, I can check share prices, weather reports, sports news or something else more easily and quickly compared to BlackBerry. Even browsing internet is easier. Downloading films is easy. More than 100,000 “APPS” could be downloaded easily. has the best possible collection of discounts and coupons to bring down your bill. So BlackBerry is excellent in managing emails and contacts of old style and calendars. It is simple to use and has long battery life and costs less on roaming. iphone is entertainment tool that also manages emails, new style contacts, calendars and connections. It is to be clearly understood that these are two different devices with separate purposes.

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