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iPhone 6- Features and Specifications you’d like to know iPHONE 

iPhone 6- Features and Specifications you’d like to know

After the much talked about success of iPhone 5 series, Apple is all geared up to launch the iPhone 6. If you’ve been a big fan of iPhone then you’d have probably explored the features that come with each new release. Having taken the smartphone world by a wave, Apple has always been introducing innovative features into its new series of iPhones. Speculations are on for the yet-to-be-released iPhone 6 and people are keen on embracing the device for a whole new smartphone experience. This blog of mine talks about everything that you need to know about the much-hyped iPhone 6. So, let’s get started and explore the assets of iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 – The Release Date

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Although Apple Inc. hasn’t announced any official release date for its upcoming iPhone 6 yet it is believed that the device may hit the stores during the second half of 2014. It is likely to be launched either in the month of August or September. Reuters has reported that the iPhone 6’s 4.7 inch model would be released in August, followed by the release of the 5.5 inch variant in September.

Design and Display

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Currently, there’s no clear cut conclusion on how big the iPhone 6 will actually be. There’s a rumor that the iPhone6 will have a bigger screen as compared to its predecessor iPhone5. The iPhone 6 is expected to arrive with a screen size that is between 4.5 inches and 4.7 inches. Talks are on even for the launch of a phablet-sized display of around 5.5 inches. Well, speaking about the display. The 4.6 inch and 5.5 inch variants of iPhone 6 will sport a 1920x1080p(440ppi) resolution and 2272×1280(510 ppi) resolution respectively.

Operating System

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In-line with the trend that is being followed by Apple Inc, the upcoming smartphone release is expected to introduce the iOS 8. This operating system is likely to have an in-built iWatch connectivity and a variety of other health-related features, keeping in mind the health concerns of a growing population. However, there are also reports that say the device would run on iOS 7.2 as well. Thus plethora of iOS Development Companies will find a new platform for working.


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iPhone 6 will reportedly be powered by a 20-nanometer A8 chip(64-bit) which is likely to be considered superior to the A7 chips used in the iPhone 5C. It is also being predicted that the A8 chip will introduce a quad-core 64 bit Processor in addition to the quad-core graphics. The iPhone 6 may even come with only 1 GB RAM as already seen in case of the A7 chip.


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iPhone 6 is expected to come with a 12 or 13 megapixel camera, making the device a must-have for people who love clicking pictures via their smartphone. Also, it is being suggested that the iPhone 6 could come with a refocus-able lightfield camera that would allow people to refocus their shorts after they’ve been taken. This entirely new technology will turn to be a sweet surprise for photography lovers who own an iPhone.


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The sources suggest that the iPhone 6 will come with a larger battery with a capacity between 1700 mAH TO 2000 Mah. In addition to this, the all-new iPhone model will also come with changed connector pins, thereby pointing towards some critical layout modifications made to the device’s internal components.


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The iPhone 6 will be release with the usual storage flavors including 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GN. However, don’t get surprised if you witness a 128GB version of the iPhone 6 available in the market.

Other Features

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Both, the 4.7 inch as well as the 5.5 inch models of iPhone 6 will come with a full scratch-free sapphire crystal glass screen. Other add-ons likely to be available in the all-new iPhone 6 include: Touch ID fingerprint security, NFC and metal casing and low temperature polysilicon in-cell touch panels. It is also claimed that the new iPhone device will have sensors that are capable of detecting temperature, pressure and humidity. Ultimately, iPhone 6 will provide a platform where various business owners can avail experienced iOS Programmers for Hire, so as to various innovative apps.

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Although Apple typically releases all its new models at the same price as the old ones, it is rumored that the new iPhone 6 could cost $100 more than the existing iPhone 5S.

Wrapping Up

So that’s it from my side for now. Hope you’d have enjoyed going through the specifications of the iPhone 6. Whatever be the release date of this device, things are definitely going to be interesting for people who’re eagerly waiting for the new iPhone models. The company is making it more powerful to compete upcoming device Nexus 6.

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