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Android V/s iPhone: 6 Reasons Android is Better Mobile 

Android V/s iPhone: 6 Reasons Android is Better

Android v/s iPhone battle is there for a long time. Both the brands enjoy loyal customer base despite that there are various reasons which prevail one device to another when it comes to better compatibility and user friendliness. In this article, we will discuss top 6 reasons why Android devices are better than iPhones.

Widgets & Multitasking: Widgets provides you easy access to all your apps on the device. It helps you perform numerous tasks effortlessly. These widgets are fondly available on your device screen to make your tasks easy. Android widgets are a useful addition which allows you to access anything on your device from the clock, alarms, direct calls to contacts in your phone, email, weather to productivity apps like a torch, flashlight, Android cleaner apps to clean Android etc. Contrary to that, Apple has allowed widgets with its latest edition smartphone devices which provide limited access to few tasks. These widgets on iPhone live on notification area in latest devices. You can add these widgets to your Notification Center. Apple has decisively opted out of providing widgets at home screen to avoid clutter, but this is more like your personal choice and comfort of having them on your home screen.

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Expandable memory and removable battery: This is yet another useful feature of Android devices which definitely prevail over iPhone. With Android devices, you get access to expandable memory slot where you can expand your device storage to multifold effortlessly. These expandable memory cards (SD cards) provide cheaper option to expand your device storage capacity. With iPhones, you can’t find such comfort of expanding your device storage space. Apart of it, Android also provide you removable battery feature, where you can change your faulty device battery instantly to avoid spending much higher for the new device. With iPhone device, you find non-removable battery devices which are bit inconvenient at times.

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More choices available with Android: This is something undisputable fact that Android comes with more choices in the store. You can find range and variety of designs and specs with Android platform. There are dozens of companies that are manufacturing Android devices with different looks and features. It enables you to buy Android of your choice from a range of options. It allows you to get a huge touchscreen, better storage capacity storage space, rotating camera features, an edge screen and niche features like dual SIM, microSD card, physical keyboard, removable battery and much more. With iPhones, you can’t imagine and find so much as it offers specified features and specifications. You have preset designs with single producer and limited designs and features.

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Customization: Well, this is the point where Android leads the race undoubtedly. Android is the dream of developers as it allows them to go the extra mile when it comes to customization of the device. Android offers ample customization options to make your device which suits your taste and needs. With Android, you can go for customized keyboard, live wallpapers, new launcher, various color themes, and much more effortlessly. You can also look for more advanced features like custom ROM for whole new software experience. Android as an open source platform allows users to tweak and customize their device the way they want. Whereas with iPhone, Apple prefers to keep things simple and homogeneous. It offers default apps and hardware experience to provide stock iPhone experience.

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Cost effective: Android offers a range of devices with an affordable price range to premium devices to suit your budget. You can find one Android device according to your needs and budget anytime. In fact, you can find all necessary and basic features even on affordable phones. With iPhones, the budget is one big constraint where only a few manage to buy this device. Apart of it, you can find all similar features Android smartphone at much lesser price than iPhone.

More free Apps & games: Well, this is definitely there! You can find more games and free apps on Android compared to iPhone. It happens sometimes that the ports of the same apps that carried a price tag on iOS come free on Android.

You can keep these facts and reasons in the loop while deciding upon the best smartphone device for you. Android devices offer bunch of additional features compared to iPhones. You can look for many other reasons too, which suggest Android is a better smartphone device compared to iPhone.

Summary: Android v/s iPhone war is there for a long time. There are few reasons which suggest Android devices earn those extra points against their competitive iPhone devices. Let’s discuss few reasons why Android devices are better than iPhones.

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