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The best android phone so far: Galaxy s7 Mobile 

The best android phone so far: Galaxy s7

While peoples loved last year’s Samsung Galaxy S6, with the handset having lots of improvement in build quality and feel, there were a few changes that some people didn’t like: the removal of the SD card and the integrated battery. Now, with the Galaxy S7, Samsung’s aiming to continue with what was good, and fix the issues with the older handset.

 It means that design wise, now S7 is more of a rarefaction of the S6, with the two phones looking rather similar. That is fine with us, as the S6 was one of the best phones for look wise that we’d seen and the S7 remains as gorgeous this year. It is under the outward that things are really different; with Samsung inscribe the criticism of last year. That means this year you get the removable SD card, so now you can upgrade your storage cheaply, there is a fastest  processor, the new outline is waterproof and dustproof; and, while the battery is not removable, it is a lot bigger, and making the handset last a lot longer in our tests. Samsung Galaxy S8 would be a big release from Samsung next year probably.

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galaxy s7

 Again, Samsung has two flagship phones on offer – the ‘flat’ Galaxy S7 reviewed here and the fancier Galaxy S7 Edge with its curved 4K display. So, this year the phones have different sizes of screens, so there is more to it than simply flat vs. curved. The S7 has kept the same 5.1’’ screen size as the S6, while the S7 Edge is now much bigger, and it has a 5.5’’ screen. Other than that, though, the two new S7 models are essentially identical in every other respect. Another revolutionary move from Samsung is that it made the screen API open for developers as well as the thing coming from apple is iPhone 8 that is going to be a huge release.

Another welcome addition is the S7’s micro SD slot, you can expand your 32GB or 64GB of external storage by up to 200GB. That makes it a lot more flexible than the S6, and it also means that you won’t have to shell out for an expensive, high capacity model in order to store all your music, for instance. There would be whole bunch of some more exciting releases in coming days like Galaxy S8 as we discussed and iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 releases would be one to watch out for next. As we know that Samsung has gained a majority of share in the smartphone market and company is constantly trying to make it more better and introducing new technologies in every flagship smartphones to be in the market of smartphone. But still beating Apple in this segment is a tough job for Samsung to do as Apple is a tech giant and the biggest tech company in terms of Cash reserves apple has.

We are excited for the launch of Galaxy S8 a lot and expecting something really very big from Samsung in the upcoming days to be in the smartphone market.

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