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Improving the Signal Strength of Your Mobile Broadband REVIEWS TECHNOLOGY 

Improving the Signal Strength of Your Mobile Broadband

A sluggish or weak mobile broadband signal can make life on the internet a lot less fun than it should be. If you have ever waited around for an age for a page to open or video to load then you already know how this sucks all of the fun out of going online.

If you want to avoid this hassle in the future then here are some useful tips for a better signal strength on your mobile broadband.

Use an App

There are a number of apps around that promise to boost your broadband signal very easily. These include the likes of Internet Booster, Network Signal Speed Booster and Internet Turbo Booster among others.

Not all of these apps work perfectly on every device but it is worth giving it a try and seeing if you get one that works well for you. If you have a brilliant phone then this can help you use it to its full potential.

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Try Moving Position

It might seem almost too simple but occasionally simply shifting your position can help you to find a better signal on your phone. Generally rooms with thick walls and few windows can have poor signals.

This can be as easy as moving closer to a window or it might mean moving up to a higher floor in the building. Try to find a way of getting into a position where there are fewer obstructions between you and the signal source.

Use a Signal Booster

If your home gets a weak broadband signal then you can try using a signal booster. These are sometimes available from carriers and can give an immediate and dramatic boost to the quality of the signal received.

A signal booster can be especially useful if you get a weak signal in certain parts of the home but nothing at all in other areas. These devices tend to be cheap and could be the solution you need.

Use a Microcell

Microcells, which are also known as femtocells, are small devices that connect to the cellular network through your broadband connection. It sounds complicated but all you have to do is plug it in.

Some microcells are specific to certain carriers, while others can be used by anyone on any network.

Try a MiFi Router

Unlike conventional landline broadband routers, a MiFi device will hook up to your mobile broadband network and then send out the single over a strong Wi-Fi link.

This makes it ideal for getting a better signal on multiple devices at the same time. These devices are battery powered and you just need to locate it in the part of the house with the best signal.

Move Your Modem

By using an extension cable you can try and get your modem into a position where it can receive a better signal. This is normally up near a window in most houses.

It will involve a fair bit of train and error but if you are patient you could find that you get a far better signal by doing this. If none of the approaches so far work then maybe you need a different carrier. Check out to see if this could get you a stronger signal at an attractive price.

Get Creative

Some people suggest getting even more creative when looking for a stronger mobile broadband signal. This can involve strapping your modem a pole outside your window or sealing it in a plastic bottle and leaving it outside.

Needless to say, not all of these creative approaches work but if all else fails they are worth a try.

Don’t Give Up

Some people find that one of these approaches works while others have success with a different one. Keep trying until you get the strong signal you need to make the most of your mobile device.

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