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4 Effective Software Methods for an Effective Marketing Campaign SOFTWARE 

4 Effective Software Methods for an Effective Marketing Campaign

In affiliate marketing, both for merchants and marketers the toughest thing is to track affiliate sales. With the constantly changing online protocols, this step is getting tougher and tougher.  Also, the relationship between the affiliate network/marketers and the merchant comes to a point where either of their trust becomes a question. Because of this, it is highly essential to employ all those effective affiliate tracking methods to get more effective results.

Everyone knows the significance of the tracking methods. Tracking the sales or leads of your affiliate network or marketers should be the first in your priority list since it will help you in understanding more about your target, your product, and give you a clearer picture of how to further proceed with your marketing campaign.

Without any further delay, let’s take a look at some of the most popular tracking methods for affiliate marketing.

1. Cookie Tracking

This is one of the most popular tracking methods that merchants use both in terms of convenience and reliability. It is used for tracking website visitors that click through to conversion. However, there are pros and cons in this tracking method. The pro is that it is you can set an expiry date for this so even though a conversion takes place several days after the customer’s first contact with the partner website, you can still earn money. Now, the con for this is that if the customer disables cookies, delete them, or even use an anti-cookie software then you cannot track a single conversion that happened.

2. Session Tracking

It is usually done through URL sessions. The major benefit if using this tracking method is that whether a browser allows cookies or not, the transaction will be recorded in the system. But the downside of this tracking method is that if the user leaves the browser or even closes the website then it cannot be tracked.

3. Fingerprint Tracking

The major difference of this type of tracking method is that a digital signature consisting of IP address, browser, and PC configuration will be produced. Every time a user leaves, he/she will be leaving their fingerprint while carrying out the transaction which results from the user’s data and system settings. Though this tracking method is still in its inception stage, it is being used greatly by affiliate marketers.

4. Flash Cookies Tracking

Flash cookies are a new way to track a lot of useful user information. Unlike standard cookies which can be either blocked or deleted, flash cookies are stored in Adobe Flash Player so deleting cookies won’t work in this situation.  However, flash cookie tracking is only possible when your users have Adobe Flash Player installed.

Other popular methods involve HTML5 tracking. End of the day it matters which method you used for your affiliate tracking and it is also worth noting that not to depend on the network for tracking. It is always recommended to implement your own tracking method, which can support the system and thus deliver effective results.

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