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Is It A Wise Decision To Invest In Data Duplication Software? SOFTWARE 

Is It A Wise Decision To Invest In Data Duplication Software?

Marketers and other people at decision making highly depend on data. Be it making marketing strategies or taking any other decision for growth of the organization, nothing can be done without clear facts and figures. But it is not possible merely with data to reach at any decision for marketing campaigns and other operations. The data needs to be accurate and updated. Poor, erroneous and outdated data causes destructive results, which in future can also become a reason of financial risks, wastage of time and resources.

What is data deduplication?

There are many situations when businesses need to create multiple copies of the same data like standard backup protocol, legal requirements etc. When keeping a huge lot of data, ultimately the businesses reach a situation where keeping this humongous data gets really difficult and harmful for the business. One of the biggest risks associated with the duplicate data is increasing number of unhappy customers. For the businesses that want to optimize their operations, a key technique is data deduplication software. The software not just removes duplicate data but also improves efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the data storage environment.

Further, in the scenario, where more and more attention is on saving the environment by going paperless, data deduplication through technological tools and software helps businesses achieve this goal.

In simple words, data deduplication software is a tool to remove the clogs and ensure smooth functionality of data in the system.

Also termed as data dedup, this is the process of finding and deleting multiple occurrences of similar data. During the deduplication process, the software first flags a file, block or bit, following which the system marks every succeeding similar item with a placeholder before deleting it. The main function of the placeholder is to link the user to the original data when they try to open the deleted duplicate data.

Why should you invest in data deduplication software?

  1. It saves time and resources

Data deduplication tools are designed to remove redundant information from the system. Companies which used to spend a huge amount on buying disks to store duplicate file can now save their money. Past backup programs were not designed with the feature to identify and remove identical data in the system. The software have inbuilt features to detect and cut the number of duplicate files while leaving just a single copy of same. The software sets apart a similar file coming from different sources. Further, the program saves the smallest size of the file to maximize the speed of data backup and create more storage space in the system.

  1. It helps in efficient storage

In today’s computer driven world, software like data deduplication help businesses get a reliable storage solution. Regardless of the type of business or its specialization or the department the data is used for, data deduplication software always ensures efficient data hosting solution. With the customized software, the companies can also eliminate the need of spending money on professional services making a large part of expenditures. By regularly diagnosing and compressing redundant data, the software optimizes the efficacy of the data storage.In addition to enhanced storage space, the program also gives the organization many other benefits like the enhanced performance of the data housing solutions.

  1. It speeds up backup

New data deduplication process makes backup more effective and precise. It chooses the best method for backup and recovery in different appliances. Data deduplication works on cryptographic hash functionality to find out duplicate data to make transportation of files save over the internet or WAN. Reduced amount of data through deduplication protect the computers from interpose caused by the backup. Users don’t need to stop working when the backup is taking place as they are already aware of the space used by computer’s Central Processing Unit during backup process. Further, it ensures effective use of storage by making backup less time consuming.

  1. It protects digital assets

Data deduplication saves one instance of multiple files no matter how many copies of the file were available in the system. However, the backup software saves all the files in the system. Data deduplication software keeps just one copy of the file and maintains other identical copies as pointers. It creates a lot of extra space in the system and protects your digital assets. This also puts a check on superfluous backup of multiple operating systems.

  1. It avoids data excess

One of the best solutions offered by the data deduplication is avoiding data excess. It helps companies understand that it is not an obligation to save every file present in a company’s computer. Chances of the same data getting transferred multiple times in the same system are high. For instance, you send an email to one employee, who further forwards the same email to other employees except the person from whom he received it. The same email sent to multiple employees in the same organization is an example of duplicate data that causes data overload. With the software, you can set automatic data backup schedules that also remind you of backup.

In addition to the above given benefits, there are a number of other reasons making these technological tools favorite of organizations of varied sizes and specializations. Some of the factors encouraging business to invest in data deduplication software are:

  • Quick return on investment
  • Reduced tap costs by up to 80%
  • Elimination of the need of investing in virtual tape libraries
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Lower backup storage by up to 95%
  • Reduced network utilization with minimized backup window
  • Environmental support with reduced use of power, cooling and equipments
  • Improved data retention

I guess these reasons are enough to convince you that spending money on data deduplication software is an investment with high returns in future. So next time when you have to buy software, don’t think about its cost but about the benefits it has for your business.

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