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How Switching to Online Time Tracking Can Keep Your Company Out Of Trouble SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY 

How Switching to Online Time Tracking Can Keep Your Company Out Of Trouble

Online time tracking is becoming a very popular method for recording and keeping up with employee time. It allows you easier access to employ records and allows your employees an easier way to access their information. Clock Spot provides online time tracking software that can literally keep your company out of trouble. Not only can it keep your company out of trouble, but it can also allow you an easier way to manage your employee’s hours and payroll information and records.

Errors made in time or math on time sheets can (and does) cost companies a lot of money every year. This money is spent on legal fees, overpayment, and even very expensive fines. Using online time tracking can solve all of your problems and keep your company away from overpaying employees, having to pay out legal fees, or from being fined hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars.


How can it save your company money? The answer is actually pretty simple. Clock Spot allows your employees to clock in anywhere. This means that they can clock in or out while at the site of their job, and you don’t have to pay them for time not spent productively. Because Clock Spot uses a GPS tracking system, you will always know where your employees are while on the clock. This will allow you to know if employees try to be dishonest about their time, or if they accidently forgot to clock out while on a break. You can review the reports and records and easily adjust and make all necessary changes before approving the time sheet. Errors made in math will be minimized, because the time sheet will automatically calculate the employee’s total time for the pay period.

You employees will also have the opportunity to review the time and request any changes that should be made. These changes are requested electronically, minimizing the chances of losing paper requests. All records are stored online and backed up through the cloud. This prevents records from becoming damaged or destroyed and allows current and up to date records to be accessed from anywhere. You can access all records through any approved device, including your phone.

Clock Spot also generate payroll reports and pay slips. Pay roll reports allow you to easily view everything employees were paid for during any given time period. Pay slips allow the employees easy access to their pay information. This allows everyone easier access to any necessary files they may need, without the hassles of keeping up with paper copies.

Clock Spot even allows you to manage overtime and paid time off (such as sick days or vacation days.) This can keep you personally out of trouble, whether you work for a big company that sets limits on how much overtime you can allow your employees to work or you are the big boss and have to set limits due to funds. It will allow you to approve or decline when employees request time off electronically, and let you see who requested what time first or last. This prevents disputes over papers being lost or slid under doors and makes sure that everything is fair when it comes to who is rewarded time off when. Especially if you work on a first come, first serve basis. Everyone may not be able to access you in your office, or they may have filled out a paper a month prior and slid it under your door. The paper could have gotten knocked out of the way when you came into your office, or lost in the many files your company already has. Because pretty much everyone has access to the internet in today’s technological age, allowing employees to submit requests electronically ensures that you know who submitted the requests first, who took what vacation or overtime already, and who should be approved. This allows things to be conducted in a more fair and precise manner, which can prevent disgruntled employees. Every business owner, manager, and supervisor knows how much trouble a company can get into due to disgruntled employees that feel like their employers do not conduct business in a fair and manageable way.

 It can even save you trouble during audit time. All of your employee pay records are backed up every single day. You can access them easily and quickly online. Everything is readable and understandable. This can make the process of audits a lot simpler. Clock Spot can keep you, and your company, out of trouble by providing an easy, convenient, and reliable way for you to track your employee’s time and pay.

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