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Outlook PST Merge Tool- Combine Multiple PST File into Single PST SOFTWARE 

Outlook PST Merge Tool- Combine Multiple PST File into Single PST

Are you handling multiple PST files? Do you find it difficult to handle too many PST files? Have you thought of merging and these files to a single PST? Yes, it is possible! The PST merge tool enable you to merge multiple PST files into a single Unicode PST file. This may help you to handle multiple PST files of small size. this enables user to merge or join multiple Outlook PST files. let’s analyze the PST merge tool in detailed.

Things you should know about PST merge tool!


Performance is important criteria to be measuredin order to evaluate any products.Same is with Outlook PST merge tool also. PST Merge tool performs well with PST files from all version of Microsoft Outlook. Unlimited PST files of any size can be merged using this merger. The size or number of files does not limit the performance of PST. The designed with optimized algorithms so that it is capable to handle all type of PST files.


Any version of MS Outlook should be installed and configured with valid or dummy profile in your PC to carry out PST merge operation using this tool. This cannot be considered as a pre-requirement since, one who own multiple PST files mostly uses Outlook as mail client in his/her system.

Supported Editions

The tool is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System – 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/8.1. The Outlook versions supported are 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013. Tool works well in Both 32-bit & 64-bit environment.

Cost and Versions

This tool is available in online market in two forms; in Free version and in Licensed version. Free version allows users to merge only first 15 items from each folder. PST Merge Software available in for personal/ Enterprise / Business level licensing. Cost various with license that you choose.


PST Mergesoftware is very accurate in its operations. User can either merge or join the contents from multiple PST files. the tool does not alter or corrupt any of the contents or attributes from the PST files.PST merge is an accurate tool with high performance. It is fast and accurate in its action so it may be very much helpful for busy technocrats.

User Interface

Designers have given at most care in developing the GUI of the tool. This equipped with simple and interactive interface so that anyone can use this PST merger with ease. Browsing of files and saving the output PST are made simple using the graphical interface.

 Outlook PST Merge Tool interface-mobilelandus

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Workingwith PST Merge

The working of Outlook PST Merge is briefly explained below.

  1. Addition of files: user can add multiple PST files to the application. Even the entire folder consisting of PST files can be added to the application software.
  2. Merging of PST: The combining operation of PST files can be carried out in three different ways: Join, Merge, and Merge Contacts. Merge allows user to merge similar folders into single unit whereas Join allows to Join PST files by creating new folder.Merge Contact is the special case to merge only the contacts from all PST files to single file.

merge contact in pst merge-mobilelandus

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  1. Storage: user can store the output files is the desired location by creating a new folder.
  2. Advanced Options: This option allows users to manage the PST files by recovering deleted contents and removing duplicate contacts from multiple files. Moreover,provides option to keep the duplicate items if user need it while merging multiple PST files.

pst merge tool-mobilelandus

While analyzing the PST merge application I couldn’t find any serious flaws in this tool. The tools working is simple and anyone can use it. It is fast and accurate in its actions. This PST file merger is a worthy tool in affordable cost so I would like to give 9.5 out of 10.

The Verdict

PST Merge is a practicable to for merging/joining multiple outlook PST files to single PST files. The merging of Outlook contacts only is one of the striking features of PST merger. The tool is equipped with simple user interactive interface so that anyone can use this merger application.

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