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Top 6 Data Visualization Tools SOFTWARE 

Top 6 Data Visualization Tools

Data visualization plays a very important role in data collection and management process. Data visualization software can present the data easily to save time and energy. With data visualization tool, some historical trends in the key performance metrics such as monthly sales of your business are easily visible to users. Users can comprehend and view information about operational and business conditions more effectively with the help of data visualization tools. This tool provides some innovative ways to understand the data with the help of bullet charts, heat maps and other type of representations.There are many data visualization tools available in the market for presenting data in an effective way. Let’s discuss few of them in detail.


Some Amazing Data Visualization Tools


Dygraphs is an effective, flexible and fast open source JavaScript charting library that enable user to discover and interpret opaque data sets. It is a customizable tool that works on most of the browsers and also runs well on mobile and tablet devices.

Zing Chart

Zing Chart is a JavaScript library that has rich API that enables user to craft interactive Flash and HTML5 charts. It provides more than 100 charts to the users so that they can effective present the data to the customers.


InstantAtlas is a data visualization tool that comes with mapping feature. It allows user to create interactive and dynamic profile reports that perfectly blend statistics and map data to build effective data visualization.


Timeline is an amazing widget that provides an interactive timeline that efficaciously responds to the user’s mouse. With the help of this, developers can easily craft an advanced timelines that presents lot of information in a compressed space.


Exhibit is a fully open-source tool that is used to create and interactive maps and other data visualizations that are focused towards teaching or static data sets and historical data sets.


Leaflet is a mapping tool that uses OpenStreetMap to coalesce fully interactive data visualization in an HTML/CSS3 wrapper. It is suitable for a project where you need to showcase data covered on geographical projection.

Modest Maps

It is a simple, lightweight tool that is used by web designers to make the development and integration of interactive maps easy within your website. Web developer can also add their interaction code to website design according to the user needs. It comes with various data integration options and can be extended with additional plugins.


Trends, relationship and patterns cannot be detected in text-based data but can be easily recognized with data visualization software. Various types of data visualization software and tools are available in the market, so choose the software that suits the type of data you are using or the data you want to display. You can also buy SQL reporting software to get better understanding of your entire organization.

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