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AskMe, The All in one Android App! ANDROID 

AskMe, The All in one Android App!

Would you like to search places to visit, options for booking tickets and take hotels to book dining table nearby your locality through your Smartphone? Or would you like to get its recent deals and local company details? Yeah, you can perform all the above stated actions through an All in one application which is AskMe. It’s one of the finest applications with triple functionality feature that would let you do various tasks economically and readily. Let’s discuss about this app in detail by means of this post: AskMe App…

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Top 10 Android Apps that iPhone Can’t Have ANDROID APPS iPHONE 

Top 10 Android Apps that iPhone Can’t Have

It’s no secret, Android and iPhone apps get maximum download. But Android’s open-source nature provides us with some great apps and features that you won’t be able to find on the Apple’s iTunes store. If you want to make your iPhone-weilding acquaintances envious, then below is a list if top 10 Android Apps that iPhone can’t have. 1. Flash Often when accessing some websites on the web, you’ll be asked to download flash software. In case, you rely on accessing fully-flash websites, or loves playing flash-based games and videos, then…

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