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What Are The Crucial Pros And Cons Of Using Facebook? TECHNOLOGY 

What Are The Crucial Pros And Cons Of Using Facebook?

No doubt Facebook is one of the best platforms to gain information and to share feelings. It also helps to maintain our living standard by remaining updated all around the world. Somehow, there are many benefits and drawbacks related to it and many people worldwide use FB Post Likes to gain popularity on Facebook too. Having so much concern is good, but excessiveness may harm.

According to the survey 2 billion users are available on Facebook. Following are the points which may show the crucial porn and cons of using Facebook:-


  • Business: It is quite a fact that Facebook helps to build our business very effectively and efficiently. The question is how we can build up? Now day’s facebook is becoming trends all over the world. That’s why people are using in such a way to promote business activity and perform them to advertise appropriately. We can take the fine example of using and similarly in case of instagram, we can take Instagram growth services where users get many posts likes quickly and promote their business with perfection. We all know what the importance of business promotion in our life is. Most of the time business prefers such a platform to promote an attractive basis.
  • Chatting: one of the best features of using Facebook that we can chat with friends and stay connected with them. Chatting refers to writing on keypad d to share feelings, thoughts, pictures, and videos. These make our day much better. Human always wants the better stage to perform effectively hence facebook is one of them.
  • Necessary information: It helps to provide crucial and essential information about what is going on in the world. Connecting with friends and f the main reason to use facebook. Generally watching their post is one of the best places. Generally, users may like many pages include business pages which may show many kinds of the necessary information about their business and somehow about politics.
  • Build personnel: It means that Facebook gives us that opportunity which helps to build our personality and popularity among all. No doubt all we want to become popular hence it is one of the best options for us.
  • Sharing feelings and thoughts: Social networking sites help to share such thoughts which are helpful for another to build a good chance. Facebook is responsible for chatting with another posting videos and sharing thoughts with one another. They give many option and features which makes very easy to understand and implement.
  • Connectivity: It means that it is one of the beautiful platforms for users to stay connected with friends whether it is known or unknown. They also help with having likes and comments. There is a various option and features are provided by them. Making new friends, chat with them and made it useful.
  • Share opinion: Here we can make such a possible use of Facebook by sharing such useful information. Various options sharing is one of the best options to choose from. Now a day due to Facebook, billions of user are stay connected with all and shares what they want according to rules and regulation of Facebook.


  • Freedom: The main drawback of Facebook is they have much freedom. Sometimes people misuse facebook just because they have the power to write anything. According to the rules and regulation, Facebook is responsible for the users and their posts. Generally, it may happen because of rights n dome extra thoughts which may cause and harm their life badly.
  • Privacy: Privacy is one of the major disadvantages of using Facebook as it concern much effectively. Accordingly many times owner has published a report that we are working on security and privacy because the public is demanding much more from them.
  • Addiction: Not only from children point of view but it is for all that Facebook results in addiction. No doubt the excessive use of anything may harm. As a result, Facebook is one of the major issues in every individual life. They have made such a place in our life which shows we are suffering from a particular disease. Many of us have describes that it is one of the dangerous diseases.
  • Aggressiveness: We may think that using Facebook is good because it is the best to the source of passing the time, but sometime it may result in aggressiveness. It means that while becoming addicted, people want much time for it. Sometimes due to lack of internet people suffers from aggressiveness and hence make negative vibes.
  • Leaking information: The main pro of facebook is that it sometimes leaks that information which we do not want in our life. Generally, it is shown that many times they have to improve privacy settings and security setting, but the result is not in a positive manner. That why it may become a major drawback.


These are the above reason which shows that using Facebook is bad or good in our life. If you are facing any issue on facebook then you can take the instantly take the help of Facebook Helpline Number. Several points which we have discussed and tell us to use in a manner which may result in positive but excessive use may harm.

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