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Samsung Brings S-UHD TV with Swan Lake, Kitchen Appliances and more TECHNOLOGY 

Samsung Brings S-UHD TV with Swan Lake, Kitchen Appliances and more

It’s time to start fantastic announcements. During the press conference of LG, which was presented to the smartphone G Flex 2, followed by a similar event Samsung, which brought with it a technology S’UHD, the ability to make smart TVs more attractive. In addition, the company had shown a remarkable curved monitor. Good start to the week CES 2015!

According to the report, It was very unusual press conference of the South Korean technology giant, which the audience was introduced to the technology S’UHD. The presentation took place on the grounds of “Swan Lake” and showed everyone how thin the line between reality and the virtual world.

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Samsung S-UHD TV-mobilelandus

The company presented concave monitor SE790C Curved Monitor with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels and a concave 3000R. It will cost US $ 1,199 and will go on sale very soon.
samsung portable SSD-drives-mobilelandus

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There were also presented portable SSD-drives. Such a disk of 1 terabyte will cost 599.99 USd; 500 GB – 299.99 USD; 250 GB – 179.99 USD.

Gear VR virtual reality made truly portable. Music and video service Milk. Milk VR application allows you to watch streaming video from a 360-degree view. New content in Milk VR will appear daily.

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UHD-TV with curved screen like many, but most importantly – it’s content. Samsung assembled an alliance UHD Alliance a number of companies. The objective of the alliance is to provide content as UHD. Details a little, but these companies are working together on something incredible.

Samsung has created something better than OLED. An era S’UHD 80-inch TVs on the basis of these panels will be great. The purity of colors, incredible depth of black. The Color, as compared with a conventional television, is improved up to 64 times. According to a specialist in digital coloristics Stephen, S’UHD provides more realistic colors than ever before.

LG has dedicated a lot of time OLED, but Samsung has decided to show something completely new. Set-top boxes do not cause many of delight. Now the set-top box has become part S’UHD-TV. Starting this year, all Samsung TVs will be based on the OS Tizen. Samsung Quick Connect connects other devices with TV and allows you to display on the TV screen the video, which you see on the tablet. Thus, the TV becomes a “second screen” mobile device. To bring to the big screen can be many games PlayStation Now. As well as the content of Milk Video, like any other premium content.

Now come to the sound. New research center Samsung Audio Lab is located in Los Angeles. The main indicators of good sound is its quality and presence. Dynamics Ring Radiator distribute sound in all directions.

It Was also represented by a set of chef’s kitchen appliances Chef Collection, which includes even the plate with a set of relevant applications.

kitchen appliances

Cooker with technology “virtual flame” simulates a real fire, characteristic of ordinary plates. The kitchen equipment was followed by a washing machine and vacuum cleaner, which can undoubtedly be numerous topics narratives.

Does the main “TV” theme of today’s press conference, Samsung that the focus of the company shifted from great Android-based smartphones to smart TVs running Tizen, which will be the most popular platform era of smart TV?

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