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Top YouTube Channels to Enhance Your IIT JEE Preparation TECHNOLOGY 

Top YouTube Channels to Enhance Your IIT JEE Preparation

JEE Main 2018 has earned its reputation as the toughest examination of India. The exam is a gateway for admission to undergraduate courses at various campuses of Indian Institute of Technology. Lakhs of students will be appearing for JEE Main 2018. The examination is scheduled for April 15-16, 2018. This leaves the candidates with only 1 month for preparation.

 The syllabus if vast and competition is high, so in-depth knowledge of the same is required in order to ace the exam. Due to high JEE Main cutoffs, the candidates must focus on using the best possible way to enhance their preparation. While coaching classes and study material helps in the same, one must not restrict themselves to them.

With technology touching every aspect of human life, online modes of learning are not hidden away. Students can take help from various apps, websites and YouTube channels for preparation. These modes not only save your money, but also allow you to study as per your own choice and your own time.

To further minimize your confusion, here is a list of top 10 YouTube channels available on the net to help you prepare for various engineering entrance exams.


IITJEE Master for Physics

This channel will definitely help you in increasing your speed and solving complicated Physics numericals. As per their YouTube channel, more than 3500 Student, 100 Schools, 200 Teacher and 20 coaching institute have studied from their channel in the past 6 years.

As far as the complete course is concerned, the video course for IIT JEE is contained in 700 Hrs of HD quality video and audio, world class theory lectures, NCERT exercise solutions, AIEEE papers solutions, examples and more.

Michel Van Biezen – All Subjects

Michael Van Biezen, the creator has a great track record with over 2550 videos! The channel has video lectures on all subjects- Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and Mechanical Engineering. Ranging from fundamental concepts with easy explanation to in depth discussion on tough topics is available on the channel. The channel has 274,242 subscribers and trending. Apart from IIT JEE, candidates can prepare for other engineering entrance exams such as VITEEE 2018, MU-OET, SET 2018 and SRM JEEE 2018 as well.

MIT Open Course Ware – All Subjects

MIT Open Course Ware consists of a video collection for all subjects. The channel has uploaded more than 3800 videos till now. The same have been highly beneficial for students preparing for various competitive examinations. The USP of this channel is that even the toughest of concepts are explained in-depth and in a user friendly manner.

Amongst the various courses taught using the channel, some of the most popular ones are JEE level courses. The channel aims at educating masses without having to dig a hole in their pockets.

Takshzila Shikshak – Mathematics

Takshzila Shikshak is a very popular channel with over 500 videos. The channel has been helping students clear CAT and GRE with conceptual videos on topics like permutations, combinations and probability. Also, with highly skilled and experienced tutors, the concepts are explained in detail and with great ease.

Students can easily prepare for competitive exams from home as new videos are added regularly. Further, the channel also helps in clearing the doubts raised by students through videos uploaded once a week. This channel is highly recommended if you wish to clear JEE Main cut off with flying colors!

mLearning – All Subjects

Another YouTube channel focusing on diverse subjects is mLearning. The channel has uploaded over 4500 videos till now and is known for its beginner centric videos. The main USP of mLearning is that its lectures are highly informative and well placed. These videos are prepared by different faculties to accomplish the needs of the students for JEE centered material involving subjects like Mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology. The channel has 137,550 subscribers as of now.

Ajnish Gupta for Chemistry

If you have any doubts in Chemistry subject and are looking forward to clearing the same, Ajnish Gupta’s YouTube channel is a great source to learn the concepts of organic chemistry. The main USP of his YouTube channel is that he explains the concepts starting from a beginner level and then gradually moves up the ladder of difficulty. If that is not enough for you, his channel is solely devoted to JEE level organic chemistry making it quite easy to learn even the toughest fundamentals of chemistry.

Mohit Tyagi for Mathematics

Why not study from a person who has already gone through what you are currently going through? Mohit Tyagi is a graduate from IIT Delhi and has over 1250 videos on his YouTube channel. All these videos are dedicated to JEE’s Mathematics syllabus. His approach and understanding towards mathematics is appreciable. Many a times, Mathematics is given the title of the most hated subject by students. This channel is likely to help all students living with this belief.

We hope this article was helpful and remember, no matter what source of information you choose, the key is to study with full dedication. All the best!

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